Gouda Refractories recertified as A-status by Riedhammer

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In the first quarter of this year, Riedhammer conducted a supplier audit at the Gouda Refractories BV production sites in Gouda and Geldermalsen.

Riedhammer is one of a selected group of designers of anode baking technology for the primary aluminium industry. As other licensors and designers of critical technology, Riedhammer works with 'approved vendor lists' in general and product specific. Without a status in the A category, Gouda Refractories cannot sell products to its customers for greenfield and major retrofit projects that are based on Riedhammer's technology. 

After three intensive days in which our entire process from sales to delivery was examined, the overall impression of Riedhammer is positive, we maintain our A-status and we are again assured to supply our products for the Riedhammer anode baking furnace technology until early 2027. 

“A great achievement to which everyone contributed and a confirmation that quality pays!" said Jelle Koolstra, QHSE Manager.