Seven: Successful Switch from Bricks to Monolithics for Alumina Rotary Kiln

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Changing from traditional bricks to modern monolithics is one of the main trends in the refractory industry”, explains Maxim Glazunov, General Manager of Seven Refractories in Kazakhstan.


“Our customers in Kazakhstan as well as abroad cherish our technical competence, especially for complex projects – like this one for an alumina rotary kiln.”


In early 2022, Seven Refractories was entrusted with lining the hot trimmings of a rotary kiln and a stave in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. The existing brick lining was replaced by suitable monolithics, ensuring a technologically preferable solution. Several meters of stave and kiln were restored to full functionality in the process under the guidance of Anatoliy Pasetov and Mikhail Simanovich from Seven Refractories.


For this repair project, Seven Refractories proposed a monolithic lining consisting of over 700 pre-shaped blocks, specifically designed and manufactured for the annealing furnace.”


After the initial marking of the lining the installation of the blocks was carried out in several steps to respect the specific geometry of the furnace.


Rows of blocks parallel to the axis of the furnace were installed with a gap of exactly 200 mm from each other, which was then filled with almost altogether 30 tons of monolithic refractories to ensure maximum performance.


The project was completed to the full satisfaction of the client, and the rotary kiln is back in operation.