Calderys expands its offer in the USA by acquiring a Precast Alumino Silicate Plant

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Calderys has invested in Steel Valley Refractories (SVR), located in the heart of the industrial region in the Northeast of the United States. 

Calderys has concluded the asset purchase of Steel Valley Refractories (SVR), a Precast Alumino Silicate plant for steelmakers, foundries, and other high temperature industries. With combined strength in products and services, SVR will complement Calderys' existing product portfolio and expertise in Precast in the United States. 

The plant is approximately 2,700m2 in size and is located in Lowellville, Ohio, a strategic position in the heart of the industrial region in the country's Northeast. Through this acquisition, Calderys will be able to serve 40% of the steelmaker's customers within a 300-mile radius. With a warehouse facility available, Calderys will also be able to operate for future growth in total tundish management and application equipment.

Michel Cornelissen, Calderys Senior Vice President, says: "This deal expands our presence and product portfolio in the USA. Together with our Precast plant in Jacksonville, Alabama, we now have the footprint to serve an extensive geographical area of the country and all major markets: Iron and Steel, Foundry, Aluminum, Petrochem, and other Thermal markets. We are strengthening our competitiveness, and I'm looking forward to seeing our business grow in the USA."