Sintered calcium aluminate

Calcium aluminate is good lowwer cost as laddle desulfurizer for the molten steel

Sintered Calcium aluminate specification :

CaO 32-37 Al2O3 40-45 , SiO2 5max, MgO 11-15

CaO 32-37 Al2O3 50min SiO2 7max,

CaO 32-37 Al2O3 54min SiO2 7max

sintered calcium aluminate is good purifying agent for molten steel.

Specification :

1, CaO 42%min, Al2O3 42%min, SiO2 7%max

2, CaO 32-37 Al2O3 41%min, SiO2 5.5%max, MgO 11-15%

Size : according to customer's rewquirment

Packing : 1T P.P.Bag


Calcium aluminate flux Synthetic slag

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