About us


Henan Shaolin special materials Co., Ltd. is located in Gaocheng Town, Dengfeng City, Henan Province. Dengfeng railway, Jiaotong expressway, s323 and S237 pass nearby our factory. The famous Observatory and summer capital relics look across the river. Founded in 1997, total area :70000 m2 With 15 million as registered capital. Nowadays we have developed the technology research and development international enterprise Who produces fused refined slag, Compound refined slag, Special Covering Agent etc steelmaking additives , Brown fused alumina, White fused alumina, Mullite, Spinel etc Refractory and abrasive material,   Special Cement additives etc  

The company has made cooperation with 6 scientific research institutes, and hired 8 experts including academician Zhong xiangchong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr Arnold Avcharuk of the Ukrainian Institute of metallurgy, Established Two laboratories, metallurgical material laboratory and high-temperature refractory laboratory, with advanced analytical instruments such as X-ray analyzer, in order to assure product quality 

The company has 5 plants, 10 production lines including 6 series of products, who achieved an annual production capacity of 100000 tons steelmaking additives and 35000 tons refractory and abrasive material. Such as fused refined slag, Compound refined slag, Special Covering Agent, Special Cement additives, brown fused alumina, white fused alumina ,mullite ,Spinel etc

Our main customer is as following:  An gang, Shou gang, SHI GANG, Wu GANG, Shagang, Baosteel, LiuZhou steel etc , Abroad , Kobe Steel, Daido steel, POSCO, Erdemir group and ArcelorMittal etc.  Our products are good sellers all over the world.

 We adhere to the idea of “products and personality are coexisting”, we are striving to create the harmonious society and build sustainable and energy-conserving enterprise with all the customers.

Main product :  Calcium aluminate flux /Synthetic slag/Premelting Material for Mold flux; Amorphous Calcium aluminate as cement accelerator ,   Brown/White fused alumina,  Magnesium Alumina Spinel ,Mullite etc