Development history

Year 1997

Founded in 1997, the company has started to produce the brown fused alumina for refractory and abrasive

Year 2000

The company establish more fused furnaces to produce white fused alumina, Alumina bubble,Mangnesium alumina spinel etc

Year 2003

Research bauxite-based zirconia corundum, and zirconia mullite under the guide of Academician Zhong Xiangchong. Win the "Second class Prize for STP of the Henan Province.

Year 2004

Become one member of fused corundum standard committee for refractory

Year 2005

Develop the calcium aluminate flux, Tundish flux for Molten steel

Year 2007/2008

We become strategy partner for Daido steel in Japan and Kerneos in France

Year 2009

We develop the Premelting wollastonite for Mold flux

Year 2014

3d plant start production

Year 2011

Pass the ISO 9001 2015

Year 2010

the Seond plant start production

Year 2015

Research the fused Hollow covering agent

Year 2018

4th Plant start production

Year 2017

Develop new cement additives applicated in high performance concrete with CUMT

Year 2021

B Class enterprise in environmental performance evaluation