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Amorphous calcium aluminate is for Shotcrete Accelerator

Concrete Mix Accelerator Amorphous C12A7 Rapid Setting For Shotcrete Accelerator

Amorphous calcium aluminate is the basic raw material of a new Accelerator, its principal constituent is the non-crystalline calcium aluminate. Appearance of light gray-green powder.

higher reactivity than the crystalline product,

used in conjunction with silicate cement, can achieve a higher degree of responsiveness and efficiency. Non-crystalline calcium aluminate reacts unexpectedly fast with plaster and water to produce ettringite;

adds its appropriate to ordinary silicate cement, the initial setting in less than a minute to complete. Addition of ettringite structural stability, good strength. While ettringite volume expansion, formation of prestressed concrete and shrinkage resistance.

non-crystalline calcium aluminate:

Specification Chemical composition(%)
CaO Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 TiO2 MgO
High-calcium products 50-55% 38-44% ≤5.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0
High-alumina products ≤48 ≥42 ≤5.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0
Non-crystallization rate   Over 95%
Specific surface area  5000-6000  m2/g


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