zirconia fused alumina

zirconia fused alumina is the highest toughness and very strong impact resistance.


  Zirconia fused alumina Description:

  ZA25 is a kind of fused Zirconia Alumina abrasive with very blocky shape and tough edge. Due to the crystal is very small, this kind of abrasive grain always presents the highest toughness and very strong impact resistance.


  ZA25 is widely used in production of the overload big hot pressed steel condition wheels.

  Typical Chemical Analysis:

  Al2O3 75.48%

  ZrO2 23.5%

  TiO2 0.15%

  SiO2 0.67%

  Fe2O3 0.04%

  Typical Physical Properties:

  Color Gray

  Shape Blocky

  Crystal Form Alpha-alumina and “a-Al2O3 “+ “Al2O3-ZrO2” combined tree system

  True Density 4.55 gms/cc

  Melting Temperature About 1950 oC

  Hardness 1450 Knoop 100 scale

  Magnetic Material 0.0076%

  Grain Sizes Available (F):

  6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 30, 36.

  Grain Size Distribution :

  Upon ANSI B74.12-2001, FEPA-Standard 42-1:2006 or ISO 8486-1.


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